Diaporamas 2024

Patrick BACH

Novel neuroscience-informed approaches to pharmacological treatment of alcohol use disorder

Benjamin Boutrel

Recurrent stress during adolescence may trigger an allostatic load not only contributing to a functional arrest of adolescent brain development but promoting alcohol use disorder

Charlotte Colman

It takes a village to recover

Deepak Cyril D’Souza

Blunting Cannabis Use Disorder by Targeting the Endocannabinoid System!

Kelly E. Dunn

Pharmacological Innovations In opioid withdrawal management

John F. Kelly

Addiction Recovery: From Culture to Science

Tom Freeman

Novel treatment and harm reduction strategies for cannabis use disorder


Closing the Treatment Gap in Alcohol Use Disorder: A The Neurobiological Perspective

Barbara MASON

New Vistas for Medications to Treat Alcohol Use Disorder

Olivier RABIN

Doping and Drugs of Abuse in Sports

Nestor Szerman

Why is Tobacco Use Disorder so Common in People with other Mental Disorders?