Fadi MEROUEH – Montpellier

Fadi meroueh


Dr. Fadi Meroueh is currently a Hospital Practitioner, addictologist and Head of the Health Unit of the Villeneuve-les-Maguelone prison, which is a part of Montpellier University Hospital.


In 2018 he was elected president of Health Without Barriers (HWB), the European Federation for Prison Health, which represents prison health professionals, supports evidence-based healthcare practices and advocates for prisoners’ rights to health.


The Health Unit in Prison is administrated by the French Ministry of Health. This reform came with the official duty of providing healthcare services in prison equal to those provided outside. Special attention is paid to the addiction and management of infectious diseases (HCV) among prisoners.


An author and researcher with several peer-reviewed articles to his credit, and 23 years working on prevention and treatment programmes inside prisons in Europe, North Africa and West Africa, Meroueh is a member of numerous prison health expert panels including those convened by the World Health Organization, EMCDDA, ECDC, UNODC…

Dr. Meroueh also has a weekly activity in an associative addiction center called “Arc-en-Ciel” in Montpellier.