Shilpa CHOKSHI – Londres

Biographie de SHILPA CHOKSHI

I am a basic translational scientist in hepatology, with a broad range of interests extending from my original area of expertise in viral hepatitis to alcoholic liver disease, immune mechanisms driving cirrhosis and the development of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. I am currently the Acting Director & Chief Scientific Officer for the Institute of Hepatology, London which is affiliated to King’s College London.


My research programme is focussed on ‘Liver Immunology’ which aims to delineate the paradoxical immunological landscape that exists in end-stage liver disease, which encompasses a highly activated and damaging systemic immune response that is unable to defend against bacterial and viral pathogens and is unable to maintain anti-tumoral immunity.


The aims of these studies are to develop disease-specific host-targeted immunomodulatory strategies to rebalance this skewed equilibrium to restore a state of effective anti-pathogen and anti-cancer immunity and dampen injurious inflammatory processes.