Romain GOMET – Créteil

Romain gomet


Romain Gomet is an addictologist practicing in the addictology department of the Albert Chenevier hospital within the GHU Henri Mondor. He is responsible for the addiction outpatient hospital for consolidation of abstinence and risk reduction which takes care of patients mainly with substance dependence.

He teaches addictology to students of the UPEC-Paris XII faculty (faculty of medicine and law) and for several specialized training (FMC, IPA, DU, etc.). He is deputy secretary general of the APHP college of addictology and addictology coordinator of an association of young psychiatrists and addictologists (AJPJA).

He is trained in CBT, is particularly interested in risk reduction strategies and is the author of « Je maitrise ma consommation d’alcool « for Ellipses editions. He coordinates various clinical research in his unit and is particularly interested in new technologies as virtual reality.