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Professor Amine Benyamina is pleased to invite you to the 14thedition of the ALBATROS International Congress which will take place on Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 October 2020 at the Novotel Tour Eiffel – 61 quai de Grenelle – Paris 15th.

He will of course scrupulously respect the health measures imposed by the government.

The ALBATROS congress is an unmissable event in the field of addictology. It brings together actors from all walks of life: academics, clinicians, researchers. This is the opportunity to meet the world’s top experts to discuss current issues.

This year, the theme will be: “Addictions: crossing of disciplines and confrontation of knowledge”.

« This confrontation of knowledge, disciplines and practices has enabled many of us to take part in societal debates, particularly on the place of legal drugs. And our discipline is also making the news in a brilliant way. Awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco is now general and allows the government to put in place a determined and effective policy. The price of a packet of tobacco reaches 10 euros, which is symbolically significant, and will discourage many young people from entering into the consumption of this severe drug.

The alcohol situation is more fluctuating, but the spectacular and unexpected success of the French-style ‘Défi de Janvier / Dry January’ has revealed the profound gap between public opinion aware of the risks and a cautious political class. .» underlines Prof. Benyamina.

Many topics will be discussed, including:

• Help smokers to quit: what means, products and priorities?

Matthew J. Carpenter – South Carolina – USA

• Cigarettes & pregnancy: a still relevant issue

Tim Coleman – Nottingham – UK

• Personalized approaches in alcoholic hepatitis

Christophe Moreno – Bruxelles – Belgique

• Inflammation: a therapeutic target for alcohol-related damage

Gyongi Szabo – Worcester MA – USA

• Alcohol and cancer: what do you need to know?

Helmut Seitz – Heidelburg – Germany

• Reducing opioid-related mortality: the need to combine science and policy

Sir John Strang – London – UK

• Cannabinoids: analgesics and anxiolytics

David Finn – Galway – Ireland

• Crazy about cannabinoids: politics, science and health in 2020

Ryan Vandrey – Baltimore MD – USA

• Microbiota and alcohol-related disorders

Philippe De Timary – Louvain – Belgium

• Food addiction and psychiatric disorders: evidence and management

Fernando Fernandez Aranda – Barcelona – Spain

• Psychedelics, hallucinogens: the therapies of tomorrow

Michael Kolowski – Berlin – Germany

• Covid-19 & Addictions co-chaired by Bernard Basset and Nicolas Prisse in the presence of Marie Jauffret-Roustide, Marion Leboyer and Gilles Pialoux

« Note the exceptional presence of Jean-Louis Bourlanges French essayist – Former member of the Court of Auditors and Member of the Hauts-de-Seine »,specifies Prof. Benyamina , « who will animate the prestigious conference “Once upon a time there was politics: the questioning of the scope, issues and traditional political mores ».

This year, 3 Grand Prizes will be awarded:

• ALBATROS “Prevention of Addiction” Prize

• ALBATROS “Cancers & Addictions” Prize

• ALBATROS “Special Junior Addictologist” Prize

Simultaneous French-English translation is provided.

The congress book with the full program and abstracts can be downloaded from our website:

We remain at your disposal for organize, if you wish, interviews during the congress with the experts present.

We look forward to welcoming you on October 27th.



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