Roberto CICCOCIOPPO – Camerino



Positions and Honors
From 2017 : Visiting professor with “Faculty position” at Chang Chun University of Technology, Chang Chung Cina
From 2010 : Full Professor in pharmacology School of Pharmacy, University of Camerino
From 2014 : Head of the International School of Advanced Study, University of Camerino
Research Focus
The research is mainly focused on the study of the neurobiological basis of abnormal behavioral and brain functions relevant to human psychopathology with emphasis on drug addiction and eating disorders. The majority of this work is directed at the understanding the neurological mechanisms responsible for these aberrant behaviours and at identifying innovative pharmacological targets to aid the development of new more effective treatments. Attention is also dedicated to the study of neurocircuitry and molecular mechanisms controlling emotional and cognitive disturbances associated with protracted exposure to drugs of abuse or chronic stress.
2000 Axis-shield ISBRA Junior Investigator Award of the International Society
for Biomedical Research on Alcoolism, for his studies on the neurobiology of alcohol relapse
2000 SIMS Award, Pisa for his research activity in the field of drug addiction
2004 SIF (Societa’ Italiana di Farmacologia)-Farmindustria Award for the study of the role of Nociceptin in the mechanisms of anorexia nervosa (published in J.Neuroscience 23: 9445-9451. 2003)
Editorial Activities
– Senior editor Frontiers Psychiatry, section -Psychopharmacology-Board member of Addiction Biology
– Guest Editor for the special issue “The genetics of alcoholism” for Addiction Biology
– Frequent ad-hoc reviewer for several international Journals Main Research Support
– Principal investigator in the EU research project TARGALC (EU-FP5)
– Coordinator of the EU project INFONOMIC (EU-FP6)
– Co-Principal Investigator of the NIH/NIAAA (RO1) research programs.
The nociceptin ORL-1 system treatment target for relapse (2005-2027)
– Co-Principal Investigator of the NIH/NIAAA (RO1) research program.
Gene-Environment Interaction: Focus on the Brain CRF System in Alcohol Preferring msP rats (2010-2026)
– Co-Principal Investigator U01-DA045300-01A1 The genetic Basis of Opioid Dependence Vulnerability in a Rat Mode (2018-2023 )
– Coordinator of the Project IMPACT I Dip. delle Politiche Antidroga (2009-2011)
– Coordinator of the Project IMPACT II Dip. delle Politiche Antidroga (2012-2014)
– Society for Neuroscience
– European Behavioural Pharmacology Society
– Italian Society of Pharmacology
– Italian Society of Neuroscience
– International Narcotic Research Conference
– International Drug Abuse Research Society
Roberto Ciccocioppo has published over 220 scientific articles in prestigious peer reviewed international journals.
Dr Ciccocioppo is inventor for several patents.