Hamed EKHTIARI – Minneapolis

Hamed Ekhtiari


Dr. Ekhtiari is the secretary of the Global Expert Network at the International Society for Addiction Medicine (ISAM GEN). ISAM GEN supports global surveys among addiction medicine professionals(https://isamweb.org/global-expert-network/). Dr. Ekhtiari’s lab is focused to reshape the future of addiction treatment using brain imaging in combination with non-invasive brain stimulation technologies and cognitive training. Dr. Ekhtiari is director of the international network of tES/TMS trials for addiction medicine (INTAM). INTAM with over 50 lab members promotes international collaborations to increase research quality and implementation of non-invasive brain stimulation technologies in addiction medicine. Dr Ekhtiari also serves as the co-chair of the neuroscience section at the ISAM and directs the brain awareness for recovery initiative (BARI). BARI materials are translated and culturally adopted by scientific authorities in 22 languages in 5 continents so far (https://www.laureateinstitute.org/bari-posters.html).