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Erica Schulte


Erica Schulte, Ph.D, is an Assistant Research Professor at the Drexel University Center for Weight, Eating, and Lifestyle Science.


She earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Kansas and her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the University of Michigan.


Dr. Schulte completed a predoctoral internship at the Medical University of South Carolina and a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship with the Center for Weight and Eating Disorders at the University of Pennsylvania.


Her program of research applies a cutting-edge perspective to understanding overeating and obesity by examining 1) which foods or food attributes (e.g., sugar) may be reinforcing in a manner that directly drives overeating, 2) whether core mechanisms of addictive disorders (e.g., withdrawal) may contribute to eating-related problems for vulnerable individuals, and 3) how food addiction may be a useful construct for individualized interventions.


Dr. Schulte has investigated these empirical questions using a multi-method approach, including neuroimaging, scale development, food consumption paradigms, and self-report. 



Assistant Research Professor

Center for Weight, Eating, and Lifestyle Science

Drexel University