Carlos RONCERO – Salamanca

carlos RONCERO


Dr Roncero is the Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Salamanca, (Spain) and  the Head of the Psychiatric Service in the University of Salamanca Health Care Complex. He is the principal investigator of the Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Group of the Institute of Biomedicine of Salamanca (IBSAL) and is the current president of the Spanish Society of Dual Disorders (Sociedad Española de Patología Dual). 


His work includes a clinical position and a training residency, and he is involved in research trials of new medications for drug-dependent/dual-diagnosis patients, as well as the study of the neurobiological and clinical markers of addition, VHC and suicide among drug-dependent patients. Dr. Roncero has authored 203 articles and 95 book chapters, in addition to co-editing 14 books.